PUNCH4NFDI Open Data Workshop

Matthias Steinmetz (Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam) , Thomas Schoerner-Sadenius (DESY)

PUNCH4NFDI aims at developing concepts and tools for the efficient management of digital research products in basic physics research. At the heart of the research products are scientific data sets that we want to make available to a broad public for a sustainable usage (“open data"). 

The first PUNCH4NFDI “open data workshop” will give the opportunity for a first survey of existing and planned open data initiatives within the PUNCH science field. It will address conceptional differences and commonalities between different approaches, inform the PUNCH community about existing open data sets, and enquire about the community’s requirements for a better use of open data. 

The workshop results will serve as a basis and starting point for PUNCH4NFDI open data activites. Since the workshop is openly accessible, the presentations will be kept in a style understandable to a broad scientific audience.