September 29, 2021 to October 1, 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

First bunch duration measurement on the ARES linac at DESY

Sep 30, 2021, 11:10 AM


DESY, Hamburg (online, hybrid/in-person)


Thomas Vinatier (MPY1 (MPY Fachgruppe 1))


The ARES linac at DESY aims at producing and characterizing ultrashort electron bunches for cutting-edge applications (e.g. advanced and compact longitudinal diagnostics development, advanced and compact accelerating structures test, FLASH radiotherapy, etc.). The targeted properties (100-150 MeV, down to sub-pC charge and sub-fs duration) make the characterization of the bunch duration a challenge on its own. A first measurement of the bunch duration on ARES, based on a traveling wave structure phase scan, was performed in spring 2021. Resolution-limited durations down to 50 fs rms for bunches compressed by velocity bunching were recorded. Two X-band transverse deflecting structures with variable streaking direction (PolariX type) will be commissioned end 2021 or beginning 2022 and will enable fully characterizing the ARES bunches with down to sub-fs resolution.

Primary author

Thomas Vinatier (MPY1 (MPY Fachgruppe 1))


Ralph Assmann Dr Florian Burkart Hannes Dinter (MPY1 (MPY Fachgruppe 1)) Sonja Jaster-Merz Willi Kuropka (MPY1 (MPY Fachgruppe 1)) Dr Frank Mayet (MPY1 (MPY Fachgruppe 1))

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