September 29, 2021 to October 1, 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

Bunch arrival stability at the European XFEL

Sep 30, 2021, 10:40 AM


DESY, Hamburg (online, hybrid/in-person)


Bjoern Lautenschlager (MSK (Strahlkontrollen))


For pump-probe experiments at free electron lasers, like the European XFEL,
a femtosecond precise bunch arrival time stability is mandatory. The
longitudinal intra bunch-train feedback (L-IBFB) system regulates the
arrival time, measured by a bunch arrival time monitor (BAM), with
femtosecond resolution. Due to the energy dependent path length of the
electron bunches through a magnetic bunch compression chicane, the energy
prior to the chicane is modulated by the superconducting radiofrequency
(SRF) cavities to compensate fast arrival time fluctuations of the bunches
in a train. Measurement results show arrival time stabilities of the
electron bunches below 10 fs (rms), if the longitudinal intra bunch-train
feedback is activated.

Primary authors

Bjoern Lautenschlager (MSK (Strahlkontrollen)) Julien Branlard Dr Marie Kristin Czwalinna Jiri Kral (MSK (Strahlkontrollen)) Sven Pfeiffer (MSK (Strahlkontrollen)) Dr Holger Schlarb Christian Schmidt (MSK (Strahlkontrollen)) Bernd Steffen (MSK (Strahlkontrollen))

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