Aug 23 – 28, 2010
Europe/Berlin timezone

CP Violation in meson mixing: Implications for SUSY models

Aug 27, 2010, 5:37 PM
Gr. Hörsaal Mathematik (Bonn)

Gr. Hörsaal Mathematik


Nussallee 12


Mr Wolfgang Altmannshofer (TU Munich)


As indicated by recent data from Tevatron, there might be sizable NP effects in the Bs mixing phase, S_psiphi. We discuss how large values for S_psiphi can be accommodated for in the MSSM. We emphasize that while the MFV framework is not well suited to explain potentially large effects in S_psiphi, models with large flavor changing right handed currents provide natural frameworks to account for such effects and we analyze a specific abelian flavor model where exactly this situation arises. Abelian flavor models naturally realize the alignment mechanism and thus generically predict large NP contributions to D0 - D0bar mixing. We point out that within that class of models, CP violating effects in D0 - D0bar mixing unambiguously imply a lower bound for the EDMs of hadronic systems, like the neutron EDM and the mercury EDM.

Primary authors

Prof. Andrzej Buras (TU Munich) Dr Paride Paradisi (TU Munich) Mr Wolfgang Altmannshofer (TU Munich)

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