Speaker: Luca Venza, IESE Business School

This session is focused on scientists, researchers, MDs, PhDs and others that want to actively be part of a spinout. It will be about how to build a spinout. I will share real life examples of successes and failures of deep science technology experts who have gotten over the hurdle of negotiation shareholders agreements, licensing agreements, company by-laws and services agreements. We will also look at the challenges of raising an early stage seed round and how to approach business angels and VCs. Finally, we will dive into what a strong founding team looks like in the early stages, and why that is important. I hope you can learn from our mistakes and apply our best practice!


Mr. Luca Venza is a specialist in defining market-fit for advanced technologies across a broad industrial spectrum. For the past 7 years he has worked extensively with science backed startups and spinoffs to bring together top scientist-founders in their field, with top MBA talent worldwide. He has helped startups raise debt, equity and convertible financing from business angels, private investors and VCs. He helps recruit mixed experience management teams for new business ventures. In 2016, he founded the Barcelona Technology Transfer Group (BTTG), through which he has accelerated 31 companies across a spectrum of technologies, including data simulation, virtual reality, 3D printing, sensors, data transmission, drones and blockchain.  In parallel, he works extensively with new healthcare technologies throughout the EIT Health network in innovation and business creation projects. He serves as a specialist mentor for the World Economic Forum, Invest Horizon and EIT Food.

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