FH workshop on gravitational waves and particle physics


This workshop of two half-days is dedicated to an FH-internal discussion of the physics of gravitational waves (GW) – with a focus on the exploration of connections to elementary particle physics - and to the technological opportunities connected to this. 

The first day will introduce the topic both from a theoretical point of view and with a coverage of the basic techniques and their ingredients. On the second day we will then discuss the opportunities that joining an existing or future project might bring for DESY-FH, including the strategic and political consequences of a given decision.  In addition, a short overview of the current landscape in terms of experiments and strategic developments is given.

This workshop will inform the DESY-FH public and allow informed discussions. 

ZOOM coordinates (note that the passcode will be distributed to registered participants only on the morning of the event via mail):


    • 13:30 13:55
      Theory background and connection GW-HEP 25m

      This talk will discuss what we can learn about elementary particle physics, dark matter and the early universe with gravitational waves at all wavelengths.

      Speaker: Geraldine Servant (T (Cosmology))
    • 13:55 14:10
      Discussion 15m
    • 14:10 14:35
      Laser interferometers 25m

      This talk will discuss major building blocks of present and planned GW experiments.

      Speaker: Aaron Dean Spector (DESY)
    • 14:35 14:50
      Discussion 15m
    • 14:50 15:15
      Other techniques, esp. at frequencies beyond 10 kHz 25m

      This talk will review experimental challenges and approaches to probe especially high frequencies.

      Speaker: Francesco Muia (DESY)
    • 15:15 15:30
      Discussion 15m
    • 15:30 15:55
      Measuring gravitational waves using storage rings 25m
      Speaker: Raffaele Tito D'Agnolo (SLAC)
    • 15:55 16:10
      Discussion 15m
    • 13:30 14:00
      The environment at DESY, UHH, QU, and beyond 30m
      Speakers: Geraldine Servant (T (Cosmology)) , Ties Behnke (FH)
    • 14:00 14:20
      Overview of DESY ET task force findings so far 20m
      Speaker: Axel Lindner (ALPS (ALPS _ Any Light Particle Search))
    • 14:20 14:35
      Discussion 15m
    • 14:35 15:00
      On-site opportunities at all frequency ranges 25m

      Axion experiments, cryogenic platform, cold mirrors, seismic network, etc

      Speaker: Christoph Reinhardt (ALPS (ALPS _ Any Light Particle Search))
    • 15:00 15:15
      Discussion 15m
    • 15:15 15:40
      Opportunities at storage rings 25m
    • 15:40 16:25
      Discussion and conclusions 45m