Joint Theory Seminar of European XFEL, CFEL & University of Hamburg

Tracking the real-time changes of chemical bonds and electron dynamics

by Dr Antonio Picón (Autonomous University of Madrid)




Valence electrons play a crucial role in the formation of chemical bonds within a molecular system and determine its charge and electron transfer properties. In the static regime, these properties are defined by the electron density distribution of the equilibrium geometry. However, when out of equilibrium, ultrafast electronic rearrangements within the order of a few femtoseconds together a significant alteration of the chemical bonds may occur. I will address in this talk our undergoing investigations for mapping these ultrafast changes through X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy that have been critical in retransforming the well-established concepts of chemical shifts. As a second part of this talk, I will also present our results for mapping the electron dynamics in monolayer graphene by using attosecond transient absorption spectroscopy.

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