European XFEL Theory Seminar

Clocking Auger electrons at XFELs

by Prof. Nikolay M. Kabachnik (European XFEL and Moscow State University)




Electronic excitation or ionization of inner shells in atoms and molecules lead to emission of Auger electrons. This is the fastest relaxation process of the excited states which limits application of various pump-probe experiments in the time-domain. Therefore, accurate measurements of the Auger life-time is important. Until quite recently, the only method of life-time measurement was indirect spectroscopic measurement of the energy width of the corresponding photoelectron line. Direct measurements in time domain have become possible with the advent of new sources of ultrashort (subfemtosecond and attosecond) pulses - high-harmonic-generation sources and FELs. In the experiments, the emitted Auger electrons generated by femtosecond pulses are analysed by streaking in the field of strong infrared laser pulses. In this way the time evolution of the Auger decay is measured. Two novel applications of the streaking method for SASE FELs will be discussed and their theoretical description will be presented.

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