November 5, 2021 to December 10, 2021
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Europe/Berlin timezone
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Start, Whiteboard, Zimmer, DrinnenVisualize it! Graphic Design for Scientists

The usage of images, graphics, graphical abstracts or visualisations is an efficient way to enhance the comprehensibility and memorability of your scientific content.
The workshop explains and trains basic techniques how to play with type, shape, line, colour, texture, space, balance and visual weight to evolve and create visualisations by using your preferential software tool.
  • 3 units theory and practice | 3h each | online |
  • divided in 90 min. lecture + 60 min. analysing and discussing concrete tasks and issues
  • individual practice time | offline |
  • 3 units feedback follow-up | 1h each | online |

Time schedule:

  • Unit 1:  Nov, 5, 9am - 12pm

                + Follow-Up: Nov 12, 5pm - 6pm

  •  Unit 2:  Nov 19, 9am - 12pm

                + Follow-Up: Nov 26, 5pm - 6pm

  • Unit 3:  Dec 3, 9am - 12pm

                + Follow-Up: Dec 10, 5pm - 6pm

The following topics are covered:
  • clarifying the main message, the objective and the visual requirement
  • how to use the basic elements of design for visualisations (shape, colour, texture etc.)
  • how to apply the basic principles of design (balance, visual weight, space, unity etc.)
  • sketching, evolving and analysing scientific visualisations
Participants are invited to bring along text and image material, recently designed drafts and examples of tasks you are specifically interested in.
The workshop is organized as a transferable skills workshop by the PIER Education Platform (PEP) and open to all PhD students or postdoctoral researchers in the fields of physics, mathematics or computer science at DESY or Universität Hamburg.
About the Trainer:
Dipl. Designerin Birgit Lukowski is a communication designer, instructor and workshop-trainer for early-career scientists with an extensive teaching experience in visual communication in various academic contexts. 
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