RACIRI-2021 Summer Lecture



Martin Sandhop (DESY)


The RACIRI-2021 Summer Lecture is organized as a virtual event on 24th August 2021, during 10.00-12.40 CEST.

The main lecture of the event is given by Professor Robert Schlögl, Managing Director at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion (MPI CEC), and Director of the Department of Inorganic Chemistry of the Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society (FHI). This talk is dedicated to a very pressing topic, both at European as well as global level: "Sustainable hydrogen technology for a successful energy transition".

The event also includes a panel discussion on "Large research infrastructure centers and their role in fostering international cooperation and  career development".

The event is open to interested young and senior scientists from Swedish, Russian, and German institutions, and to European and international audience.

The audience is invited to ask questions or to give comments by using the chat-function of this online Zoom-event.


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