November 11, 2021
Europe/Berlin timezone

BSBF webinar miniseries: a look into the future of Big Science infrastructures

Episode 2: Strategic view, roadmaps and development programmes of Fusion Energy Research Infrastructures.

It is expected that fusion could meet humanity’s energy needs for millions of years. Fusion fuel is plentiful and easily accessible and will play a future climate change mitigating role as a low carbon energy source. How long it will take to recreate the process of the stars on the Earth? EUROFusion has developed a roadmap to align the priorities in fusion research and development towards the ultimate goal of achieving electricity from fusion energy; it recognises fusion energy as a potential long-term solution and understands that Europe needs to remain at the forefront of developing fusion technologies.

In this webinar, we take a step ahead and identify the technologies that will drive these and other organisations’ future projects, having a look at their strategies for the future and their research and development programmes and how industry can get involved in early phases.

The draft agenda is available for download.

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