September 15, 2021
Online via ZOOM
Europe/Berlin timezone
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Workshop outline

Part 1: Creating a supportive environment for everyone by rising the awareness for sexual harassment
o What is considered to be sexual harassment (definition and legal frame)
o Which circumstances increase the likelihood of crossing boundaries
o Escalation levels with concrete examples
o Cultural differences and awareness
o Body language and signals of persons affected and of aggressors
o Influencing personality factors
o Motives and profiles of aggressors
o Impact and consequences (short-term and long-term) of sexual harassment for the individual, the team and the company

Part 2: From theory to action
o How to prevent unpleasant situations
o How to behave in an acute situation: responding adequately
o Practical exercises to increase self-awareness and to set personal boundaries
o How we can support others in a constructive manner
o persons and institutions of support and information
o Acting self-confident in ambiguous situations
o Handling the past: how to overcome stressing situations of the past and flashbacks to be free in the
here and now

The participants gain

  • certainty to handle overstepping behavior when directly affected and when observing it
  • clarity to act and answer adequately to different situations
  • practical solutions for concrete situations

Stefanie Hilger, Leuchtende Zukunft