Summer Student Session Part I

Wednesday, 8 September 2021 - 14:00
DESY (Online )

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8 Sep 2021
Work Reports (until 17:00) (Online )
14:00 Introduction/Welcome - Gernot Maier (Z_CTA (Cherenkov Telescope Array)) Friederike Januschek (DESY) Olaf Behnke (CMS (CMS Fachgruppe TOP)) Andreas Przystawik (FS-PS (FS-PS Fachgruppe FCP))   (Online )
14:05 J/Psi and Z analysis with different datasets - ATLAS and ZEUS conversion to CMS - Raphael Schwenzer (CMS (CMS-Experiment)) Leonardo Olivi (CMS (CMS Fachgruppe QCD))   (Online )
14:20 Calibrating and visualizing photon, mass and electron spectra - Stefania Caragnano Katie Ferraby (University of Liverpool)   (Online )
14:40 Machine Learning for Photon Science Data reduction - Explainable AI for diffraction images - Barbara Klaudel   (Online )
14:55 EFT acceptance studies in the VHbb process - Peng Wang   (Online )
15:10 --- Virtual coffee break ---
15:30 Dark Photons at the ILC - Joshua Greaves (not set)   (Online )
15:45 Jet production at HERA - Giorgia Bonomelli (CMS (CMS Fachgruppe QCD)) Wenting Zhang (CMS (CMS Fachgruppe QCD)) Keila Moral Figueroa Andrea Achilleos (CMS (CMS Fachgruppe QCD)) Nattaporn Trakulphorm (CMS (CMS Fachgruppe QCD))   (Online )
16:00 CMS HGCAL upgrade: testing new hardware prototypes - Marius Menzel (University of Heidelberg, Institute of Physics) Marie Muehlnikel (FTX (Technol. zukuenft. Teilchenph. Experim.))   (Online )
16:15 The MC4TMD project - Yuchen Zhou (CMS (CMS Fachgruppe QCD)) Suzanne Steel (CMS (CMS Fachgruppe QCD))   (Online )