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Luxe Detector - Reconstruction software and insitu calibration


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- bring with fibers the outpout of the straws to reduce the density of Silicon output. Could therefore redensify the straws.
- Fibers needs to be radiation hards. In ATLAS NSW they had to be bought by km, cna not just buy a few m. Contact ATLAS people?
- Cherenkov photons how in the simulation? Personnally prefer to enable cherenkov photons in the simulation only in dedicated runs.
- Jenny suggest to use compton scattering edges as default calibration method.

- Screen could potentially hold electron bunch from the XFEL entirely without dying, took 350pc at awake.
- Will ask Stuart the minimal and maximal energy that can be accepted by the extraction line and transfer line. Is the position of the beam supposed to change for different beam energy? How precise is this position known? How oprecise the energy and the bunch charge of the beam can be measured?
- Amount of particle in a certain range, how precise can this be determined with dynamic range? +-1 to few percent
- Is it possible to use the tracker to calibrate the position of cherenkov and screen? No because it will not be in the way for the e-laser setup.
- Need to develop as much as possible a common software for the reconstruction between the cherenkov and the scintillating screen.

- We should rely as little as possible on the MC for the calibration. Need to cross calibrate with calorimeter (however precision of the calorimeter in energy wrt tracker is limiter).
- Potentially will need gamma-needle setup early on to allow calibration of electron side of the spectrometer?
- Need to think further on the calibration strategy.

- Calibrate with test beam up to high energy (20 GeV) at SPS? At DESY can only calibrate up to ~5 GeV.
- Muons (0-45 degrees), scintillator? Usefullfor other detectors or just tracker? A priori tracker needs to discuss with Noam.

Gamma spectrometer status report:
- Statistical method to reconstruct photon spectrum well developped and tested with data up to ~1 GeV.
- Not really clear what the status of the camera reconstruction is.

Gamma profiler status report:
- Nothing really to report, see slides (talk not given because late in the agenda).

Gamma flux monitor:
- Idea to dump full XFEL bunch in the photon dump to calibrate detectors. Need to understand how to by pass the profiler.


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    • 12:30 12:35
      Introduction 5m
      Speakers: Beate Heinemann (DESY and University of Freiburg (Germany)) , Halina Abramowicz (Tel Aviv University) , Louis Helary (FTX (FTX Fachgruppe SLB))
    • 12:35 12:45
      Cherenkov status report 10m
      Speaker: Ruth Magdalena Jacobs (ATLAS (ATLAS SM and Beyond))
    • 12:45 12:55
      Scintillating screen status report 10m
      Speakers: John Andrew Hallford (FLC (Forschung an Lepton Collidern)) , John Hallford (UCL)
    • 12:55 13:05
      Tracker status report 10m
      Speakers: Noam Tal Hod (Weizmann Institute of Science) , Noam Tal Hod (Weizmann Institute of Science)
    • 13:05 13:15
      ECal status report 10m
      Speakers: Shan Huang (Tel Aviv University) , Yan Benhammou (tel aviv university) , yan Benhammou (Tel Aviv University)
    • 13:15 13:25
      Gamma spectrometer status report 10m
      Speakers: Gianluca Sarri (Queen's University Belfast) , Kyle Fleck (QUB)
    • 13:25 13:35
      Gamma profiler status report 10m
      Speaker: Marco Bruschi (INFN and University of Bologna)
    • 13:35 13:45
      Gamma flux monitor 10m
      Speaker: Maryna Borysova (FLC (Experimente an Lepton Collidern))