November 10, 2021
UTC timezone

Hello, you are a student and you want to be part of the International Cosmic Day? Great! This is how it works:

1) How to participate?
What do you want to do with cosmic particles during the day? You may want to use the web to find out what cosmic particles are and how to study them. Or you want to analyse data from Cosmic@Web, or join an online lecture. More ideas for activities can be found  here. Everything is welcome as long as you are studying cosmic particles.

And if you still feel like it, you can tell us what you have learned about cosmic particles at the ICD. For that you can create a one-page PDF with your insights of the day (pictures, text or diagrams). It's not about being perfect, it's about telling others what you learned or discussed that day and discovering great new things. Every contribution is welcome and will be part of the ICD-Booklet. You will receive more detailed information after registration.

2) Registration

If youwant to participate to the day, you are welcome to register here.




More information about the 9th International Cosmic Day.

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