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Structure-property correlation of epitaxially grown self-assembled semiconductor quantum dots

by Arka Bikash Dey (FS-PETRA-D (FS-PET-D Fachgruppe P08))


Single-layer quantum materials are predicted to deliver properties on-demand with interface engineering playing a decisive role in tuning of structure-property correlation. Among these emerging materials quantum dots (QDs) confine electrons and holes from all three directions giving atom-like energy levels and can deliver wavelength-tunable quantum photonic devices.

Due to avoiding irradiation-related loss and unwanted damage, the QDs layer always needs to be protected by the cap layer. Effect of the cap-layer thickness on buried QDs structure and their optical properties will be shown using x-ray grazing incidence diffraction (GID), x-ray standing wave (XSW) and photoluminescence (PL) techniques.