8-9 September 2010
Notkestr. 85, 22607 Hamburg, Bldg. 28c, FLASH Auditorium
Europe/Berlin timezone
The DESY activities in the field of high energy x-ray scattering are currently concentrated at beamline BW5 at DORIS, which is optimized for high flux experiments. The Physics hutch at the High Energy Materials Science beamline (HEMS), aiming for studies employing high brilliance, is under commissioning. After the DORIS shutdown at the end of 2012 the activities at BW5 should be transferred to newly built stations at the PETRA III extension, which should become operational in 2014. In the current scenario the PDF studies shall be concentrated at a dedicated side station. A multipurpose diffractometer shall serve other high flux experiments currently covered by BW5. The aim of this workshop will be to discuss the specific needs of the user community concerning beamline instrumentation in the fields of high energy scattering from liquids, amorphous, poly- and single-crystalline materials. Moreover, the GKSS research centre, which operates the Harwi II beamline for engineering materials science at Doris, intends to transfer the instrumentation to high-energy engineering materials science stations at the Petra III extension. User demands for these stations will be discussed and parameters shall be defined.
Notkestr. 85, 22607 Hamburg, Bldg. 28c, FLASH Auditorium

Contact persons:
Martin von Zimmermann
phone: +49 40 8998 2698
email: martin.v.zimmermann@desy.de

Maja Stolper
phone: +49 40 8998-2304
email: maya.stolper@desy.de