DESY Theory Seminar

Matthew Lim: Accurate Monte Carlo event generators for LHC processes

by Matthew Alexander Lim (DESY)





Abstract: Monte Carlo event generators provide realistic simulations of final-states at collider experiments and are widely used by both theorists and experimentalists. Their ubiquity means that it is vital that they make use of the most advanced calculations currently available, in order to provide precise predictions which can compete with experimental uncertainties. The GENEVA method allows the matching of calculations at next-to-next-to-leading order with resummed calculations and parton shower programs, thus providing NNLOPS accurate predictions. In this talk I will discuss the method and illustrate its application to a range of colour-singlet processes. I will then turn to possible future extensions to coloured final states and in particular top-quark pair production - to achieve this, a resummed calculation in a suitable resolution variable is needed. I will present a resummation framework for the zero-jettiness observable in top-quark production, derived using the soft-collinear effective theory. This resummed calculation provides the basis for a future GENEVA implementation of the process.