PCD Data Science Basics

Data Science Lecture: Research data management

by Juliane Jacob (Universität Hamburg)


What exactly is research data? And how does research data management help me with my doctoral thesis? What infrastructures does the Universität Hamburg have and what are the requirements of research funders? The Center for Sustainable Research Data Management helps you to answer these questions.

The goal is to provide orientation and strengthen the culture of sharing (FAIR data) as well as provide infrastructures and support you in developing your skills. For this purpose, introductory courses or workshops with credit points take place on the one hand, and individual advice can also be arranged on the other.

This event is part of a series of lectures and tutorials on data science topics hosted by the Platform for Challenges in Data Science in the excellence cluster "Quantum Universe" between DESY and Universität Hamburg. It is intended specifically for the PhD students in the cluster but younger and more senior members are of course also welcome.

Organized by

Gregor Kasieczka, Matthias Schröder