Astroparticle Physics

astrophysical and cosmological bounds on sterile neutrinos

by Leonardo Mastrototaro (Salerno University, Italy)


Heavy sterile neutrinos with masses in the MeV-GeV are predicted in various extensions of the Standard Model, like neutrino Minimal Standard Model (.MSM): depending on the actual value of their mass, they can play an important role in solving many issues of the Standard Model. In this talk, we consider the possibility that heavy sterile neutrinos are produced in the core of a collapsing supernova (SN) and in the Early Universe. The existence of these neutrinos might alter the SN emission, the effective number of neutrinos ..eff or the 4He emission. We present the constrain on the sterile neutrino mass-mixing parameter space obtained in the considered framework (from the energy loss argument and photon flux observed from SN 1987A and from the current Planck satellite data). Finally, we will characterize the observable active neutrino signal in large underground detectors, induced by decays of heavy sterile neutrinos in the SN envelope.


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