Astroparticle Physics

Propagation of Cosmic Rays – the important link between source and observation

by Lukas Merten (Innsbruck, Austria)


Despite the large progress in measuring properties of cosmic rays that has been made – thanks ever improving instruments – during the last decade, the exact sources of these ultra-high energy particles remain unclear. Cosmic rays are charged particles and will be deflected in extragalactic and Galactic magnetic fields. Their arrival directions do not pinpoint back to their production site making it almost impossible to directly learn something about the sources. Modeling the propagation from source down to Earth is therefore an inevitable part in understanding the origin of cosmic rays.

In this talk, first the relatively new class of Fanaroff-Riley 0 radio galaxies is discussed as one example of possible ultrahigh-energy cosmic-ray sources. After briefly summarizing relevant interaction processes of cosmic rays with the ambient photon fields an outlook into current numerical propagation tools is given. This includes a comparison between ensemble averaged description (e.g., Galprop and PICARD) and the single particle approach (e.g., CRPropa).

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