Quantum Computing meeting


Minutes from meeting

+ David re-wrote QUBO solving software
- configuration via yaml
- now uses a sparse matrix (custom implementation via triplet objects)
- if little work, benchmark against CSC sparse matrix?
- numpy solver limited to 16 qbits with dense hamiltonian (can do better than qiskit with implementation outside of it)

+ Annabel implemented track classification based on truth
- studied triplet overlap rates between fake and real tracks vs xi

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    • 3:00 PM 3:30 PM
      Roundtable 30m
      Speakers: Annabel Kropf (DESY), Cenk Tüysüz (DESY), David Spataro (University of Hamburg), Federico Meloni (ATLAS (ATLAS SM and Beyond)), Karl Jansen (Z_ZPPT (Zeuthen Particle PhysicsTheory)), Lena Funcke (Max Planck Institute for Physics and University of Munich (LMU)), Stefan Kuehn (Z_ZPPT (Zeuthen Particle PhysicsTheory)), Dr Tobias Hartung (University of Bath), Yee Chinn Yap (ATLAS (ATLAS SM and Beyond))