April 27, 2022
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Europe/Berlin timezone
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A cinema movie camera. Science Communication IV: (YouTube) Videos

A science video is an entertaining form of science communication!
Educational videos on digital platforms are an attractive way of learning, as they provide easy, personalizable access to a wide variety of content. Allowing for simplified explanations and visual demonstrations, educational videos are highly suitable for scientific content.
A video will give you the opportunity to paint pictures and explain with joy, away from the factual scientific talks and articles you are used to.
In this workshop, everyone will create their own video and can upload it on YouTube and Science Chatter Hamburg. You can make it a funny talk, a colourful animation or a lecture-like design. Everything is allowed and we will teach you how to make it both, educational and entertaining.

Is this for me?

This workshop is addressed to researchers who are curious about engaging with the public in an exciting format combining entertainment and education.
No previous knowledge is required. You will learn how to create a science video and how you can malke it an interesting one. The workshop provides you with a safe environment for drafting your video with guidance and feedback. You will be able to create your video during the workshop and improve it so that your audience will be entertained and informed at the same time. Finally, there will be the opportunity to post your video on YouTube and Science Chatter Hamburg.


The workshop will extend over X sessions with time in between for the creative process and for 1-on-1 coaching and feedback.


This training is organized as a transferable skills workshop by the PIER Education Platform (PEP) and open to all PhD students or postdoctoral researchers in the fields of physics, mathematics or computer science at DESY or Universität Hamburg.

About the Trainers:
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