Astroparticle Physics Seminar

Axel Schwope, "Compact galactic objects with eROSITA," **hybrid format**


eROSITA on Spektrum-X-Gamma was scanning all the sky with an imaging X-ray telescope (0.2 - 10 keV) between December 2019 and February 2022. The particular scanning law allowed to uncover and trace dynamic phenomena of various kinds while the accumulated exposure allows to build comprehensive samples of popular and of rare X-ray emitting objects. The talk will describe AIP-led and AIP-supported projects of galactic compact objects, like dustrings around Black Hole transients, nova X-ray emission, isolated neutron stars, and accreting white dwarf binaries.

This will be a hybrid seminar. If you would like to attend in person, in SR3, please add your name to We highly recommend a self test in the morning for all attendees. Please contact the seminar organizers if you have any questions.