Astroparticle Physics

Cosmic Ray transport in the interstellar medium

by Alexandre Marcowith (Montpellier University)


Cosmic Rays (CRs) are composed of subatomic relativistic or middle-relativistic particles essentially protons. These supra-thermal particles are an essential component of the interstellar and inter-galactic media aside the thermal gas, magnetic field and radiation. CR propagation in the Galaxy controls the diffuse emission backgrounds in radio and gamma-rays as well as the CR spectrum observed by on-ground and orbiting telescopes. The process of CR propagation is however loosely known since it depends on the magnetic turbulence which fills the interstellar medium. Phenomenology allows to deduce in some model framework the main transport properties of CRs, but an accurate derivation of the transport coefficients requires to pass by the microphysics of plasma wave-particle interaction. This talk will in some extend discuss the recent developments in the microphysics of CR transport and some attempts proposed to link microphysics and phenomenology

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