DESY Theory Seminar

Looking forward to exciting physics with FASER and the FPF

by Felix Kling (T (Cosmology))




Physics searches and measurements at high-energy collider experiments traditionally focus on the high-pT region. However, if particles are light and weakly-coupled, this focus may be completely misguided: light particles are typically highly collimated around the beam line, allowing sensitive searches with small detectors, and even extremely weakly-coupled particles may be produced in large numbers there. In the upcoming run of the LHC, the FASER experiment will use the opportunity and extend the LHC's physic potential by searching for long-lived particles and studying neutrino interactions at TeV energies. A continuation of this forward physics program for the HL-LHC era, in the form of a 'Forward Physics Facility' with larger scale experiments, is currently under discussion. In this talk, I will present the physics potential of these experiments for new physics searches, neutrino physics, QCD and astro-article physics aiming to stimulate a fruitful discussion with my audience.