Computing and DAQ meeting

Federico Meloni (ATLAS (ATLAS SM and Beyond)), Matthew Wing (UCL)
Meeting ID: 685 1385 1344
Passcode: 308591

DAQ kick-off minutes

+ Several groups noted a need for a dedicated EUDAQ training/workshop

- Different to what we have in TDR?  Maybe in detail, but perhaps not in spirit. 
   -> Federico thinks it is factor of 2.  Alex: This is “raw” and reduction by factor of 2 is always possible doing zero suppression, etc. The numbers in the slides are conservative.
   -> Open to do further online reduction. Standard libraries available to achieve this, but implementation/integration needed
- Data stream: mixture of slow control (environment) and data.
- Louis: What do you do with the data ?  Alex: definitely archive, but looking at long-term drifts, damage, etc. correlating variables to know how best to run the laser.  Data should be kept in database as re-analysis is needed.  Software/database does not (yet) exist; assistance would be welcome.
- Need to follow up on different types of data: some deleted; some kept at time of data; some snapshots; etc.
- Not so much experience on large data sets and synchronisation.

- FELIX-TLU interface needs development (if we replicate the whole AlICE setup)
- Halina: use of FELIX ?  Why needed when EUDAQ / TLU available ?  Should be followed up.

- Functioning standalone DAQ system, need to work on integration in rest of experiment
- TLU to Krakow. Check overall system in view of next beam tests (beware of SEU)
- Slow control to be discussed another time.

Scintillator screens and cameras
- Online data reduction? run time per event? as in note (Background: merging images, Signal: just expected regions, i.e. zero suppression.  Compression algorithms).
- Store reco energy instead of image? would allow significant gains, but would preclude re-analysis

Cherenkov detector
- Plan to develop EUDAQ-based sw also for test beams (keep in mind not all test beams sites have TLUs)
- EUDAQ example received - no efforts yet
- Possible synergy with gamma profiler (CAEN FERS)

Gamma spectrometer
- No representatives at the meeting

Gamma profiler
- Janus for linux "coming soon'? release exists not completely bug free (release maybe by the end of the year)
- more support QUB2023? likely (fraction of?) student 
- If required, need to plan moving of TLUs. (test beam in ELBE, CLEAR, …   No TLUs there.)
- Also use CAEN FERS 5200 as discussed in Cherenkov system.  Synergy ?

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    • 11:30 AM 11:40 AM
      Introduction 10m
      Speakers: Federico Meloni (ATLAS (ATLAS SM and Beyond)), Matthew Wing (UCL)
    • 11:45 AM 12:50 PM
      Status and needs
      • 11:45 AM
        Laser 5m
        Speaker: Alexander Sävert (GSI Helmholtz Institut Jena)
      • 11:55 AM
        Tracker 5m
        Speakers: Noam Tal Hod (Weizmann Institute of Science), Oleksandr Borysov (DESY)
      • 12:05 PM
        Calorimeter 5m
        Speaker: Shan Huang (Tel Aviv University)
      • 12:15 PM
        Scintillator screen and cameras 5m
        Speakers: John Andrew Hallford (FLC (Forschung an Lepton Collidern)), John Hallford (UCL)
      • 12:25 PM
        Cherenkov 5m
        Speaker: Ruth Magdalena Jacobs (FHR (Bereichsreferent FH))
      • 12:35 PM
        Gamma spectrometer 5m
        Speaker: Gianluca Sarri (Queen's University Belfast)
      • 12:45 PM
        Gamma profiler 5m
        Speaker: Marco Bruschi (INFN and University of Bologna)