DESY Theory Seminar

Cosmological implications of a U(1) extension of the Standard Model

by Károly Seller (ELTE Eötvös Loránd University)




The super-weak model is a particle physics model which extends the  Standard Model (SM) by a new U(1) gauge symmetry. The goal of this model  is to investigate whether it is  possible to have a non-vanishing parameter space capable of explaining  multiple experimental results which require beyond SM physics. The  extended particle spectrum includes the new mediator Z', a scalar singlet to deal with the meta-stability of the  SM vacuum, and three right-handed neutrinos to account for the  non-vanishing neutrino masses. In this talk, we explore the cosmological implications of such an extension. Our  main focus will be on dark matter production and leptogenesis. In particular we find that a light -- mass of O(10) MeV -- sterile neutrino can play the role of dark matter via the  resonant freeze-out scenario. We investigate present and possible future experimental bounds on the model parameters, both from particle physics experiments as well as from astrophysical observations.