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November 10, 2022
DESY Zeuthen
Europe/Berlin timezone

Workshop on Good Scientific Practice for MMS Doctoral Students


During this workshop you will learn about and discuss the following topics: Introduction to Good Scientific Practice, the seven sins of academic behavior, handling data, publication process and authorship, supervision, reproducibility, conflicts of interest, and the ombuds system.

The workshop is highly interactive and includes hands-on activities and discussion rounds. For example, in group discussions you will gain a deeper understanding of good scientific practice and why we need rules for it. Furthermore, you will learn applying the rules for good scientific practice through study cases. Finally, we will invite an Ombudsperson, your trusted contact in case of a suspected scientific misconduct, for a short introduction and Q&A session.

Trainer: Dr. Alexander Britz

Unfortunately, only 15 participants can take part in this workshop. This is to ensure a good running of the workshop, which would not be possible with a larger group. 
For those who cannot attend, we will offer other options, don't worry!


DESY Zeuthen
Registration for this event is currently open.