Sep 28 – 29, 2022
Europe/Berlin timezone

Scientific Program

FEMTOCHIP Workshop program
Wednesday, September 28

12h registration and working lunch

12h45 1st Session
12h45 Overview, F. Kaertner, DESY UFOX
13h00 „Al2O3: Integrated photonic platform from the UV till the mid-IR“, K. Wang, University of Twente
13h30 „ALD: a tool for atomic-scale engineering of gain media“, A. Liapis, Aalto University
14h00 „Low Loss Photonic Integrated Circuits: Every photon counts“, H. Francis, Ligentec SA

14h30 break (15 min)

14h45 2nd Session
14h45 „Towards CMOS-compatible high power femtosecond modelocked laser“, N. Singh, DESY UFOX
15h15 „Towards ultrafast amplifier on a chip“, M. Gaafar, DESY UMP
15h45 „A Photonic Integrated Circuit-based Erbium-Doped Amplifier“, Z. Qiu, EPFL

16h15 break (15 min)

16h30 3rd Session
16h30 „III-V-on-silicon mode-locked lasers“, B. Kuyken, Ghent University
17h00 „Light Sources and Nonlinear Optics via Tellurite Glass on Silicon Nitride Platform“, H. M. Mobonde, McMaster University
17h30 „Theory and application of ultra-low phase noise frequency synthesis using an Optoelectronic PLL“, J. C. Scheytt, Paderborn University

18h end of the 3rd Session
19h30 working dinner

Thursday, September 29

9h00 4th Session and discussion
9h00 „Difference Frequency Combs“, R. Wilk, Toptica Photonics
9h30 „Fiber Transmission of Timing and Microwaves with Femtosecond Laser Pulses“, K. Shafak, Cycle GmbH
10h00 „A passive and active SiN technology platform for space optoelectronics“, E. Murphy, European Space Agency (ESA)
10h30 Discussion

End at 12h00

12h00 lunch in DESY Kantine (optional, at the expense of participants)
13h00 Lab tour at CFEL (optional, please register)
13:30 to 14:30 DESY tour (optional, please register)