DESY Theory Seminar

Gravitational form factors of quarks and gluons in light-front dressed quark model

by Jai More (Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay)




I will first give a brief overview of the light-front dressed quark model, per se, instead of a proton state, we use a simple composite spin-1/2 state that is a quark dressed with a gluon. It is a perturbative model and has gluonic degrees of freedom. I will then outline the formalism used to evaluate the gravitational form factors (GFFs) of quarks and gluons in a dressed quark model. We use the Hamiltonian framework and choose the light-front gauge such that the two-component formalism eliminates the constraint fields. We compare our results with model calculations for a nucleon. These GFFs encapsulate information like pressure, shear, and energy distributions. So, we analyze these distributions for a quark state dressed with a gluon at one loop in QCD.