DESY/Hamburg U. String Theory Seminar

How far can the Coulomb gas go?

by Prof. Connor Behan (Oxford University)

SR2 (Building 2a)


Building 2a



The Coulomb gas formalism is a method dating back to the 80s for constructing dualities between free CFTs and interacting CFTs in two dimensions. It is best known for providing a solution to the Virasoro minimal models, all of which are dual to a theory with a single free scalar. The method can also be applied to theories with several free scalars but the results to date which have been obtained in this way are much more modest. I will review the Coulomb gas approach to minimal models and explain the issues with its multi-component generalization which are both technical and conceptual. The result will be a sort of user guide aiming to clarify which of the currently open problems are most tractable. This set is certainly larger than it was in the 80s thanks to increased computer power.

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