Fittino Workshop


SR 5


Notkestr. 85 22607 Hamburg
  • Fittino2 is proceeding very well:
    • Kernel implemented
    • several optimisation algorithms implemented (Minuit, Simulated Annealing, Particle Swarm Optimisation, Genetic Algorithm)
    • Markov Chain Monte Carlo implemented as first scanning algorithm
    • tested algorithms on toy model (Rosenbrock formula)
    • no physics models yet -> next step
  • People are encouraged to look into Fittino2, give feedback and contribute
  • Dresden group plans an automated machinery to add new (SUSY) physics models to Fittino (e. g. (c)E6MSSM)
  • Next design issues for Fittino2 will be discussed during a second dedicated software workshop taking place at Göttingen from December 21 (Tuesday) until December 22 (Wednesday)
    • Outstanding issues to perform first physics analyses (e. g. implementation of observables, etc.)
    • Interface to automatic model generator
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    • 1
      Fittino2 report
      Speaker: Mathias Uhlenbrock (Physikalisches Institut, Bonn University)
    • 2
      Non-minimal SUSY models
      Speaker: Dominik Stöckinger (TU Dresden)
    • 3
      cE6SSM integration
      Speaker: Dr Peter Athron (TU Dresden)
    • 4
      Results from present production
    • 5
      Mastercode/SPheno issues
    • 6
      Workspace integration