February 23, 2023
Bldg. 610 - HARBOR
Europe/Berlin timezone

Competition and Conflict in Academia - Empower yourself against sexual harassment

Target group: Doctoral researchers and Postdocs without leadership tasks.

Content of training:

Part 1: Creating a supportive environment for everyone by rising the awareness for sexual harassment
o What is considered to be sexual harassment (definition and legal frame)
o Which circumstances increase the likelihood of crossing boundaries
o Escalation levels with concrete examples
o Cultural differences and awareness
o Body language and signals of persons affected and of aggressors (high/low status)
o Influencing personality factors
o Motives and profiles of aggressors
o Impact and consequences (short-term and long-term) of sexual harassment for the individual, the team and the company

Part 2: From theory to action
o How to prevent the arising of unpleasant situations
o How to behave in an acute situation: responding adequately
o Practical exercises to increase self-awareness and to set personal boundaries
o How we can support others in a constructive manner
o Persons and institutions of support and information
o Acting self-confident in ambiguous situations
o Handling the past: how to overcome stressing situations of the past and flashbacks to be free in the here and now

The atmosphere in the workshop will be constructive, very practical and explorative addressing this topic. We want to expand our knowledge to increase personal self-confidence and be in dominion in every situation. The workshop contains information, a lot of practical exercises and open dialogue.



Bldg. 610 - HARBOR
Seminar Room Groundfloor
Campus Bahrenfeld Luruper Chaussee 149 22761 Hamburg

Trainer: Mrs. Stefanie Hilger

Language of instruction: English

Presence event

Target group: Doctoral Researchers and Postdocs without leadership tasks 

The training is accompanying programme of the exhibition: "Was hattest du an? Sexualisierte Gewalt, falsche Opferschuld" / What were you wearing?! Sexualized violence, false victim blaming.", 

The exhibition, initiated by Emely and René Unger, will be on display in Hamburg from January 31st to February 23rd 2023 (Mon-Fri 11am-8pm, Sat-Sun 10am-4pm).  The exhibition venue is the Center for free-electron laser science (CFEL) Bldg. 99, Luruper Chausee 149, 22607 Hamburg.



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