Feb 21 – 23, 2024
Europe/Berlin timezone


Registration deadline for in-person attendance: 09.02.2024

Remote (zoom-only) registration will be possible until the end of the event. 

Abstract submission deadline: 04.02.2024

Recent Large Language Models like ChatGPT show impressive capabilities, e.g. in the automated generation of text and computer code. These new techniques will have long-term consequences, including for scientific research in fundamental physics. 


This first symposium aims to chart a path forward and bring together different applications and developments of large language models in physics research. 


Planned topics include:

  • Direct LLM research use in fundamental physics
  • Automated text and code generation 
  • LLM integration in traditional workflows
  • Implicit physics understanding
  • Symbolic computation
  • Prompt Engineering
  • Alignment, Ethics, and Reliability


In-person attendance is encouraged. However, there will also be an option to connect remotely (please specify on the registration form, how you will attend, if you have not done so yet). No fee will be charged for remote participation. Zoom connection details will be shared with the registered participants before the meeting. 


Invited talks

  •  Semantic taxonomies for radio astronomy - Micah Bowles (Manchester)
  • AI and symbolic math - Francois Charton (Facebook AI Research)
  • Language models for quantum simulation - Juan Carrasquilla (ETHZ)
  • LLMs usage ar Anthropic AI - Marat Freytsis (Anthropic AI)
  • cosmosage: a 7B LLM Fine-Tuned on Cosmology Papers and Textbooks - Tijmen de Haan (KEK)
  • Prospects of LLMs for Fundamental Physics - Mariel Pettee / Siavash Golkar (Berkeley / Polymath AI)
  • AstroLLaMA-Chat - Rui Pan (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

    and others 



Local Organisers 

  • Marcus Brueggen (Uni Hamburg, mbrueggen@hs.uni-hamburg.de)
  • Sarah Heim (DESY, sarah.heim@desy.de)
  • Gregor Kasieczka (Uni Hamburg, gregor.kasieczka@uni-hamburg.de)


International Advisory Committee:

  • Sven Krippendorf (LMU)
  • Gilles Louppe (Liege)
  • Anna Scaife (Manchester)
  • David Shih (Rutgers)
  • Daniel Whiteson (UC Irvine)



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