Jan 14 – 17, 2008
DESY Hamburg
Europe/Berlin timezone
Mission of the TTC Meeting

The mission of the TESLA Technology Collaboration is to advance SCRF technology R & D and related accelerator studies across the broad diversity of scientific applications, and to keep open and provide a bridge for communication and sharing of ideas, developments, and testing across associated projects. Besides other activities the TTC organizes regular collaboration meetings where new developments are reported, recent findings are discussed and technical issues are concluded.
The meeting is held in Bldg. 1B, seminar rooms 4a+b, rooms for satellite meetings are available.
Registration is at the same place.

For the DESY meeting the following work groups are planned
- WG 1: High gradient R&D beyond field emission
- WG 2: Diagnostics for materials and cavity behaviour
- WG 3: Cavity data banks
- WG 4: Challenges of international hardware exchange

<bid>Below you will find the summaries of the work packages.

Version of May 21, 2008
DESY Hamburg
Notkestr.85 22607 Hamburg Germany