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28 February 2011
Europe/Berlin timezone


For data analysis of the LHC experiments Grid computing has been extensively tested. It is used very successfully in LHC data analysis. The analysis is performed worldwide at specialized grid centers. The German Tier-2 centers associated with the National Analysis Facility (NAF) at DESY are intensively used for the analysis and are the basis for substantial contributions to the LHC physics. For ATLAS and CMS the DESY Tier-2 in combination with the NAF and the Tier-2 centers at the universities are among the world's most heavily used centers for data analysis.

The full physics potential of the LHC will be exploited at high LHC energy and luminosities in the coming years. The big challenge for analysis is the strong increase in data volume. Experience shows that well-developed centers are essential.

Upgrades of the computing and storage resources for the growing amounts of data the LHC are a key requirement, so that the German scientists in future can continue to contribute fully to the LHC scientific program. The efficient management of large amounts of data and their analysis requires improved technical data analysis tools. New search and access methods for data reduction, strategies for efficient utilization of fast and reliable networks and tools for dynamic data management and use of data caching must be developed. The Grid operating software and analysis tools need improved functionality to adapt to new technical developments, such as cloud computing, in order to use these successfully.

Scope of the workshop:
• Review resource requirements for 2011-2015 for data analysis at T2 and specialized analysis centers.
• Collect and review proposals supporting LHC Data Analysis in Germany

Topics for development projects are:
• Distributed Storage Concepts
• Analysis optimization
• Analysis adaptation to new technologies
Proposed topics should be submitted to

Intended Participation:
• German Laboratories and Universities involved in HEP Data Analysis
• Helmholtz Allianz Grid Project Board

Meeting location:
Paulinerkirche/old library, seminar room (1st floor) 
Papendiek 14,
37073 Göttingen,
5 minutes walking distance from railway station.

Registration and fee: 
Registration is via this indico web page.
The conference fee of 15,- Euro covers drinks and a light lunch and will be paid cash upon arrival.

Recommended hotels (in case necessary): 
• Hotel Stadt Hannover 
• Hotel Kasseler Hof 

Paulinerkirche/old library
Papendiek 14 37073 Göttingen