Oct 12 – 14, 2011
DESY Hamburg
Europe/Berlin timezone
Construction of FLASH 2, the new large addition to the FLASH facility, which will double the user capacity, has started in September 2011. This occasion was taken as a motive to discuss with the FLASH users new science opportunities at FLASH. On the first day, the expected parameters of FLASH 2 and first concepts for the beamlines, photon diagnostics, as well as the pump-probe facilities were introduced to a large audience of over 150 participants. A set of 10 facility talks was rounded off with news from FLASH and a long term perspective for the entire FLASH facility.
The second and third day were devoted to new scientific achievements at FLASH and novel ideas for FLASH instrumentation and experimental setups, which were presented by the FLASH user community in 20 contributed talks and a poster session with over 40 contributions. A special focus was given to propositions for long-term experimental end stations from user collaborations. Large interest was shown by the community in such more permanent stations, which will allow much more intricate setups that are currently difficult to realize due to the limited setup times at FLASH. The experiment proposals cover a large range of FLASH parameters. A wavelength range from 80 nm to below 2 nm to cover the transition metal L edges, as well as a variety of pulse lengths and bunch train repetition schemes pose new challenges for the beamline and diagnostics design.

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DESY Hamburg
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