18-20 April 2012
Europe/Berlin timezone
The aim of this workshop is to discuss the consequences of the early results obtained from LHC measurements for cosmology. The main topics covered are
  • The Higgs Sector
  • Status of Supersymmetry
  • Inflation
  • Cosmological Phase Transitions
  • Primordial Gravitational Waves
Invited speakers are
K. Danzmann (IGP, AEI Hannover)
D. Figueroa (Helsinki)
C. Grojean (CERN)
J. Haller (Hamburg)
V. Mukhanov (LMU Munich)
H.-P. Nilles (Bonn)

S. Pokorski (Warsaw)
A. Ringwald (DESY)
V. Rubakov (INR Moscow)
M. Shaposhnikov (Lausanne)
S.-H. Tye (Cornell, IAS Hongkong)
T. Yanagida (IPMU Tokyo)

Public lecture: P. Schleper (Hamburg)

Organizing committee:
M. Baumgartl
W. Buchmüller
T. Konstandin

J. Louis
A. Ringwald
A. Westphal

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Seminar Room 2, Building 2a
A public lecture will take place on 17th April 2012 at 20:00h in the Esplanade.