22-23 January 2008
DESY, Notkestr. 85, 22607 Hamburg
Europe/Berlin timezone
Aim of the first Workshop of the “Hard X-ray Micro-/Nano-Probe beamline” at PETRA III The Hard X-ray Micro/Nano-Probe beamline P06 at PETRA III will provide advanced visualisation by micro/nano analysis using different X-ray techniques: X-ray fluorescence (XRF), X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS), X-ray diffraction (XRD), imaging (absorption, phase contrast) and various tomographies. The beamline will exploit in general the excellent brilliance of the source PETRA III in order to provide micro- and nanofocused beams with highest intensity and resolution in real and reciprocal space. Some techniques will also make use of the high degree of coherence of the beam. This workshop will reinforce the scientific case and technical layout of the Hard X-ray Micro/Nano-Probe beamline. There will be talks given by experts in the field from other sources and from potential users of the new beamline. Most important, however, will be discussions collecting the technical needs of future users.
DESY, Notkestr. 85, 22607 Hamburg
109, bldg. 25b
A workshop fee of € 30 has to be paid by all participants except for the speakers.

Conference secretary: Christine Berber, telephone: +49 40 8998-1541