18-19 October 2012
Europe/Berlin timezone
The aim of the workshop is to discuss scientific questions in regimes of high pressure (HP) and high temperature (HT) not accessible by conventional experimental methods. In addition transient and non-reversible processes in the HP/HT regime will be considered for which conventional methods are inefficient or impossible to use. New and enabling techniques are based on the combination of intense pulsed x-ray sources with pulsed sample excitation, in particular but not exclusively related to high energy optical lasers. Scientific areas that are envisioned are planetary physics, materials at extreme states, dynamic and ultrafast processes in strongly excited solids or similar. The workshop intends to define new applications and scientific opportunities. The above subject areas represent an initial outline and are open to further suggestions. Joining theorists and experimentalists shall support developing new ideas for experiments/applications, or contributing ideas for studying open issues.

This workshop is organised by DESY with contribution by European XFEL

List of speakers:

C. Barnes (LANL)
R. Collins (LLNL)
T. Duffy (Princeton)
L. Dubrovinsky (BGI)
A. Goncharov (GL)
C. Pickard (UCL)
R. Redmer (U Rostock)
Ch. Schroer (TU Dresden)
F. Sohl (DLR)
G. Trullenque (Univ. Freiburg)
C.-S-Yoo (U Wash. St)

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