24-25 May 2012
European XFEL / DESY
Europe/Berlin timezone

High-bandwidth applications like 2D detectors, multiple channels of high-speed digitizers, and distrubted antenna arrays generate high data volumes in a short time. In order to transfer this data from the front-end systems to subsequent levels of the data acquisition, processing and archiving stages high-bandwidth transport interfaces, protocols and medias are required. 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) is such a standard protocol able to transfer such data on multiple channels if required.

This workshop focusses on 10GbE implemented on FPGAs and related hardware developments, applications and plans as well as future generations and variations of the standard. The main aims of this workshop are:

  • Get to know people from other labs working on similar problems and technologies
  • Get an overview of Hardware, Implementations, Applications and Experiences
  • Identify possible ground for future collaboration or standardization
  • Find out what are future technologies to use and when switching makes sense

The workshop is organized as a combination of talks, discussions and time to show and talk about posters and hardware (if available). In the Thursday evening will be a dinner.

For those people not able to join the workshop in Hamburg, it will also be possible to join the workshop via EVO. You will receive the details after registration

European XFEL / DESY
Building 1 / Seminar Room 1
Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron Notkestr. 85 22607 Hamburg Germany
This workshop is supported by the CRISP project. The Cluster of Research Infrastructures for Synergies in Physics is co-funded by the partners and the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme Grant Agreement 283745. Logos