10-11 September 2012
Europe/Berlin timezone
PETRA III is one of the most brilliant 3rd generation synchrotron facilities in the world. It is, therefore, ideal for experiments that require small beams with high flux at high energies such as in situ diffraction experiments at extreme conditions, i.e. at high-pressure and high-temperature.
An experimental station dedicated to a combination of Large Volume Press (LVP) and synchrotron radiation will be constructed in the PETRA III extension project. This beamline will be located at one of the 100 m long damping wiggler section of the storage ring. It offers the unique opportunity to develop one of the most intense hard X-ray LVP bemalines in the world. The construction of experimental halls will start in 2013 and beamline constructions are scheduled to begin in 2014.
This is the 2nd workshop (the 1st one was held in 2010) to discuss possible science targets and to finalize the basic design of the LVP beamline. Scientists who are interested in this project from German, European, and international user community are most welcome to attend.

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SemRoom 456 Bldg. 25f
Notkestraße 85 22607 Hamburg Germany
Contact: Nori Nishiyama email: norimasa.nishiyama@desy.de