Working groups

Working group 1:
Science Link 1st Call: Results and experience with companies

In the project Science Link companies, especially SME, have the opportunity to apply for free measurement possibilities in the large scale research facilities. The first call for applications was carried out in the spring 2011 and 10 companies got access to the synchrotrons. An overview of the branches, companies and their experiments will be presented as well as concrete examples. In the discussion the needs of companies in the BSR for access to the large scale facilities will be discussed.

Presentations: Prof. Krystina Jablonska, Polish Academy of Science, Poland, Rodrigo Coelho, Helmholtz-Zentrum für Materialien und Energie GmbH (HZB), Germany, Anna Stenstam, Collodial Resource, Sweden
Chair: Prof. Marco Kirm
Rapporteur: Graham Appleby

Working group 2:
Regional needs and clusters in the BSR

Information about regional needs for cooperation between science, universities and companies will be presented as well as existing clusters for scientific cooperation. The needs for such clusters and for further cooperation will be discussed as well as the establishment of permanent structures for this kind of cooperation.

Presentations:  Susanne Mattsson, TITA-Project, Sweden, Konstantinas Vaškevičius, Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology, Lithuania, Dimitri Corpakis, DG Research and Innovation, EU
Chair: Susanne Mattsson
Rapporteur: Maria Bocangel

Working group 3:
Use of structurel funds and "Horizion 2020" scientific cooperation (Organisation by Interact Point Turku)

In the most cases structural funds are used only in regions. In many cases, e.g. for scientific cooperation, these could be used for transnational cooperation which gives direct benefit for single regions. This is also recommended by the EU. Also different type of funds could be combined to support scientific cooperation. The use of structural funds between 2007 and 2013 and the possibilities in the frame of Horizon 2020 will be presented and discussed.

Presentations: Bernhard Fabianek, DG Research and Innovation, EU, Charlina Vitcheva, Head of Directorate for BS countries, Directorate General for Regional Policy, EU (tbc), Alasdair Reid, Director, Technopolis Group, Belgium (tbc)
Chair: Riitta Ahdan
Rapporteur: Baiba Liepa