Welcome to the conference: "Smart cooperation between science and industry in the Baltic Sea Region"

Thursday, 27 September 2012 - 09:00
Sheraton Hotel (Wisla Ballroom)

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27 Sep 2012
09:00 Opening speech - Ms Dorothee Stapelfeld (Minister of Science and Research Hamburg, Germany)   (Wisla Ballroom)
09:15 Opening speech - Ms Elzbieta Bienkowska (Minister of Regional Development, Poland (tbc))   (Wisla Ballroom)
09:30 Smart specialisation in Science in the Baltic Sea Region - Mr Dimitri Corpakis (Head of Unit Regional Dimension of Innovation)   (Wisla Ballroom)
10:00 Science Link: Results of the 1st call - Mr Marco Kirm (University of Tartu, Estonia)   (Wisla Ballroom)
10:30 --- Coffee break ---
Consultations to companies (until 11:00) (Wisla Ballroom)
11:00 Bridges between Horizon 2020 and cohesion policy funds - Mr Michael Uckel (Head of Unit Research Policy of the EU and ERA, Federal Ministry of Education and Science, Germany)   (Wisla Ballroom)
11:45 Sources of financing cooperation RI - Universities - Commercial users - Ms Charlina Vitcheva (Head of Directorate for BS countries, Directorate General for Regional Policy, European Union)   (Wisla Ballroom)
Consultations to companies (until 13:30) (Wisla Ballroom)
12:30 --- Lunch ---
13:30 Paralell working sessions   (Wisla Ballroom)
Working Group 1: Science Link 1st Call: Results and experience with companies (until 15:30) (Wisla I)
13:31 Experience of an applicant   (Wisla I)
14:01 Experience of a RI - Rodrigo Coelho (ILO, Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin)   (Wisla I)
14:31 Discussion   (Wisla I)
Working group 2: Regional needs and clusters in the BSR (until 15:30) (Wisla II)
13:31 TITA project, Marketing - Susanne Madson (Invest in Skane)   (Wisla II)
14:01 Regional needs in Lithuania - Konstantinas Vaškevičius (Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology, Lithuania)   (Wisla II)
14:31 Discussion   (Wisla II)
Working group 3: Use of structural funds and "Horizon 2020" scientific cooperation (until 15:30) (Wisla III)
15:31 --- Coffee Break ---
Consultations to companies (until 16:00) (Wisla Ballroom)
16:00 Round table discussion - with all speakers of the morning sessions   (Wisla Ballroom)
17:30 Closing - Mr Normunds Popens (Directorate General for Regional Policy, European Union (tbc))   (Wisla Ballroom)
18:00 Get-together   (Wisla Ballroom)