24-29 August 2014
Hamburg University
Europe/Berlin timezone

Scientific Programme

PANIC 14 will consist of plenary talks, a number of parallel sessions and poster presentations. The schedule foresees plenary sessions in the morning, followed by parallel sessions on the various physics topics in the afternoon. A poster session is scheduled on Tuesday, August 26th.

The topics for the plenary and parallel tracks are:

  • Plenary talks

  • 1) Quarks and gluons in hot and dense matter

  • 2) Quarks and gluons in hadrons, the hadron spectrum

  • 3) Neutrinos and related astrophysical implications

  • 4) Dark matter and cosmology

  • 5) Nuclear and particle astrophysics

  • 6) Standard model physics at the TeV scale

  • 7) Energy frontier physics beyond the standard model

  • 8) Flavour physics - CKM and beyond

  • 9) Tests of symmetries and conservation laws

  • 10) Hadrons in medium - hyperons and mesons in nuclear matter

  • 11) String theory: ADS/QCD or more generally, ADS/QFT

  • 12) New concepts and techniques for accelerators and particle detectors

  • 13) Applications of nuclear particle physics technology