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Correlation Functions in the Time Domain: Trends in Coherent X-ray Scattering

During the last decades X-ray Photon Correlation Spectroscopy (XPCS) and related techniques have become established tools to study the dynamic properties of matter on timescales ranging from 10-6 to several 1000 seconds. XPCS makes use of the coherent properties of modern X-ray sources and has been applied to a wide range of scientific questions, including dynamics in soft matter systems, surface dynamics, and slow processes in hard condensed matter. X-ray free-electron laser sources offer new opportunities to extent the methods to processes in the femtosecond to picosecond regime. The DESY Research Course shall provide an introduction to all fields of XPCS research and related techniques, and discuss the possibilities of XPCS at modern synchrotron and free-electron laser sources.

The course addresses master and PhD students, young research fellows, as well as interested scientists. The number of participants is limited.

Applications for this course should be made not later than March 7, 2014.

M. Sutton (McGill U),
C. Gutt (U Siegen),
A. Robert (SLAC),
A. Madsen (EuXFEL),
S. Lee (KRISS),
W. Roseker (DESY),
H. Kim (Sogang U),
A. Sandy (APS),
Y. Chuskin (ESRF),
A. Fluerasu (NSLS),
M. Sprung (DESY),
L. Müller (DESY),
R. Leheney (U Baltimore),
S. Mochrie (Yale U),
O. Shpyrko (U San Diego),
C. Schüssler-Langeheine (HZB)

Local Organising Committee:

Gerhard Grübel, DESY
Felix Lehmkühler, DESY
Matthias Kreuzeder, DESY (Administration,