Sep 23 – 26, 2014
DESY Hamburg
Europe/Berlin timezone

Natural Inflation and Universal Hypermultiplet

Sep 25, 2014, 4:55 PM
Seminar room 1 (DESY Hamburg)

Seminar room 1

DESY Hamburg

Notkestrasse 85, 22607 Hamburg


Prof. Sergei Ketov (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan)


A novel framework is proposed for embedding the natural inflation into the type IIA superstrings compactified on a Calabi-Yau three-fold. Inflaton is identified with axion of the universal hypermultiplet (UH). The other UH scalars (including dilaton) are stabilized by the CY fluxes whose impact can be described by gauging of the abelian isometry associated with the axion, when the NS5-brane instanton contributions are suppressed. Then the stabilizing scalar potential is controlled by the integrable three-dimensional Toda equation, and leads to spontaneous N=2 SUSY breaking. The inflationary scalar potential of the UH axion is dynamically generated at a lower scale in the natural inflation via the non-perturbative quantum field effects such as gaugino condensation. The natural inflation has two scales that allow any values of the CMB observables (n_s,r).

Primary author

Prof. Sergei Ketov (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan)

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