As part of the PETRA III extension, DESY is planning to build an X-ray spectroscopy beamline (P22) within the scope of the India-DESY collaboration, serving different spectroscopy techniques. One experiment hutch will accommodate instruments for Hard X-Ray photoelectron spectroscopy (HAXPES). Currently, a very successful HAXPES instrument is being operated at beamline P09 sharing the beamtime with two resonant X-ray scattering instruments. It is planned to relocate the HAXPES activities to the new undulator beamline P22 in PETRA III extension hall East.

Two endstations are planned in the HAXPES hutch of P22:

  • a HAXPES setup with a SPECS 225HV spectrometer equipped with a ±30° wide-angle lens, improved high voltage supplies and a delayline detector or multichannel spin detector. This instrument is part of a collaboration between University of Würzburg (R. Claessen), University of Mainz (G. Schönhense) and DESY and is partly funded by BMBF.
  • downstream, research center Jülich (C.M. Schneider) is planning to install a
    NanoESCA PEEM instrument optimized for hard X-rays ("HAXPEEM").

The workshop aims at discussing the technical design of the beamline and instrumentation including control software and other requirements with the user community. The outcome of the discussion will be the basis for finalizing the specification of the beamline.
First beam at the new beamline is planned in late Spring, 2016.

in addition to the workshop program, there will be a discussion round on experiment control software concepts including remote control of electron analyzers for HAXPES (Friday morning, July 4).  If you are interested to participate, please send an e-mail to the organizer.

Confirmed speakers
Ralph Claessen Uni Würzburg
Claus M. Schneider FZ-Jülich
Gerd Schönhense Uni Mainz
Chuck Fadley UC Davis
Tien-Lin Lee Diamond Light Source
Julien Rault Soleil
Vladimir Strocov SLS
Wolfgang Drube DESY
Andrei Hloskovsky DESY
Sebastian Piec DESY

Workshop fee
There will be a workshop fee of € 25,00 which partly covers catering during the workshop.

Participants are asked to arrange travelling and accommodation on their own. We strongly recommend you to book your accommodation as soon as possible. Booking accommodation at DESY Hostel is only possible via the guest house registration form by entering the code 'P22 workshop'.

Please register latest until June 20th, 2014.

Looking forward to seeing you at DESY!

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