8-11 December 2014
Europe/Berlin timezone

DESY Board Development Stage and Licensing

11 Dec 2014, 16:30



Building 28k, Notkestraße 85 22607 Hamburg
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Mr Michael Fenner (DESY)


During the last year, DESY has nearly finished the design of all digital and analog boards for the XFEL Low-Level-RF system. The boards with the widest application fields are being licensed to industry, so they are available for customers outside of DESY - either in industry or in other research facilities. This is a new approach that DESY follows. It helps sharing our experience and knowledge with partners, saves our customers development efforts and gives us the ability to buy our boards of-the-shelf. We benefit from the fact that our partners do board programming and testing. Additionally, our licensees often get better prices for the expensive components, especially for ICs such as FPGAs. Currently 3rd parties can purchase over ten different newly designed AMC cards. On the high-end side of our digital portfolio we offer DAMC-TCK7, a Kindex-7 based AMC card for high-end computing and transmission tasks which is now available from Vadatech under the name CM045. A mid-range digital signal processing board with a Virtex-5 and two FMC slots is the DAMC-FMC25, which is now available from CAENels. On the price-sensitive end we offer the Spartan-6 based dual FMC carrier DAMC-FMC20, which is marketed under the Eicsys Name EAMC-FMC500. In the analog field, our Downconverter DRTM-DWC10, our Downconverter-Vector-Modulator DRTM-DWC8VM1 and our feed through Board DRTM-DS8VM1 are available from Struck Innovative Systems. More information about our products including MMC Starter Kit, Piezo drivers, FMC cards and many more can be found at http://mtca.desy.de.

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